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Friday, April 14, 2017

April 15 - April 21 2017

The Weekly Slate
April 15 - April 21  2017
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Nurse's office oral health education initiative and study
Almost 200 students participated in the nurse's office oral health education initiative and study. Results showed an improvement of 16% in 2 months. The students did a great job!
Music bringing just about 100 students from Poultney HS, Rutland HS, Mount Saint Joseph Acd, and FHUHS together!
2nd MP Honor Roll (Link)
2017 High School Prep Registration

Lunch Menu

Health and Wellness Center
Open daily at 3:30-5:30

Club Meeting Times
  • Book club: Tuesday 11/15 During Inquiry ~ The next movie will be shown on Friday the 18th at 3:30
  • Rock Climbing Club: Anyone interested in joining the Rock Climbing Club please see Mr. Williams or Mr. Beste.

Yearbook Information
Senior Deadlines-Very Important
Yearbooks On Sale ($50)

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Class of 1982 Reunion July 22, 2017
Class of 1982 is seeking contact with all Alumni. Class reunion information will be mailed soon. Please link to class facebook page FHUHS Class of 1982. Administrator of page will add you to the closed group. We are seeking current contact information for all classmates that attended FHUHS that year. Class meetings posted there.